Halsey Chait’s drawings develop according to the rules and mathematics that govern the growth processes of life forms and molecular structures. They feature dense clusters of meditative marks, repetitious patterns that bloom outwards, and surreal diagrams of the associative connectivity that binds the micro to the macro. Improvising with a lexicon of primeval and scientific biomorphic symbols, the drawings capture the repetitive gestures of music, the mutating iterations of evolution, and the architectural networks of vibrating space. Approaching drawing as a contemplative reflection of the curious nature of the world, Chait invites the viewer into dreamlike parallel universes.


  • A youth in NYC. (Vibrating Garden of Marked Surfaces)
  • Higher education in Boulder, Colorado. (Evolution of Creativity)
  • Artist retreat with Granny Thelma (Rooted Flower of Life Lines)
  • Art teacher in Bay Area. (All Mediums, Murals, Young Audience)
  • A return to NYC. (Shared Meditative Marks, Growing Young)